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Thursday, May 13, 2010 ♥ 3:49 PM

Woah. That's pretty fast.
Its like MAY now & exams are over :)
Phew, this time round,
i think i can do better :)
*High hopes*
But not pinning on real high hopes,
cos i am afraid i cant take setbacks!
Finally worked things out.
Hopefully, this is the best solution.
Feel like pushing all troubles away
& lead a nerdy life.
But no way am i going to become a nerd.
Just want to settle down &
concentrate on my studies.
Thats my priority right now.


Take it as a happy ending.
Truthfully, i didnt mean it.
But, i really got affected by those words.
It may not have affected you,
but definitely did for me.
Think it through,
it does makes sense.
Live happily & stay happy.
Things will come to a good end :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010 ♥ 3:06 PM

Okay ages since i touched my com.
The last time was like,
eh, during MLA :D
Okay, so here is something to
write regarding feeeelings.
Hmm, here it goes.
I dislike this somebody.
Firstly, because the way she behaves.
Secondly, because the things she does,
the way she speaks.
Thirdly, which is also the most important
factor, she changed.
Well, dont judge a book by its cover.
Things you see, may not be the things you think.
Happiness is not equivalent
to smiling and and laughing out loud everyday.
Things she does irks me.
Hmm, i dont know how to put it.
Not sure.
People around me tells me things
which shocks me.
It seems to appear as though
everyone gets along well with her,
but what they told me was totally different.
Which is why i started to ponder.
Reason being : "ya, i think she change lo"
I am like, serious? you felt that way too?
That's why, sometimes i think
you are rather pathetic.
There are so many things behind the
scene, which you dont know.
Well, just hoping,
you can stop being that way.
Because, its really irritating me.
Oh yes, in case if you see this,
or you think i am refering to you,
dont get angry first eh :)
merely the truth :P
Thankyou :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009 ♥ 12:40 AM

I wana be different from the rest.

Hmm, leaving for hongkong soon.
Just had a really great talk with js
not long ago.
I think he is surprise
about some stuff i said.
He should be :)
Somewhat or rather,
things change, dont they?
We look at people
& i wont say that my point of
view is always
Perhaps, looking
from another perspective,
somethings may be true,
just yet to discover?
Hmm, anyway, just
miss talking to my great BUD!
& xiaolei you are coming
back tmr! &
i am leaving tmr :(
Taking the morning flight
so the possibility of
even having a chat before
i leave is unlikely.
Seriously, i think
i need to do some
brainwashing to my thinking.
Its getting weird :(
Pig is overseas, in stupid taiwan,
getting real bored !!!!!!!
Heard from charmaine
that HK is fun,
cant rmb how it was
like when i last went there :/
Taiwan left me a deeper
Cant believe i am leaving
on christmas eve.
Cant wait to go ocean park though.
I want to return back to bangkok
for more shop and
looking at those,
you know ("women").
I love to observe people.
Okay, its been
so long
since i use my laggy com!
The good thing about it now
is its cured from
its lagginess!!!!!! ^0^
Reformatted and now its
windows 7.
Woah fast like crap! :)
Okay getting kind of late..
But still dont want to
get onto bed!
I want to watch 100%entertainment:)
& play my restaurant city!
Hahha, currently level 33.
Shocking :O
But true, thanks to pig :)
Hahah, rock rock :P
Okay, i am off.
No more blogging vibes.
The next time i blog..
hmm maybe after Olevel's.
hahah, depends ehh.

G says :
Life is beautiful.


Geraldine Chen Shi Rui :D
8th JUNE (:
BBSSIAN {♥} 2E1`08, 3e1`09
Basketball is th` LOVE, yo !
She ♥ RED.
Friends mean the world.

sweet nothings